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  • — Android tablet records and recreates 3D scenes

       (Sunday, 21 September 2014 08:18)

    Mantis Vision and Flextronics unveiled an Android-based “Aquila” tablet based on Mantis’ MV4D 3D engine that uses a 3D sensing system to recreate 3D scenes.

  • — Starbounds open source game development, SteamOS at DebConf, and more

       (Sunday, 21 September 2014 06:23)

    In this week's edition of our open source games news roundup, we go Starbound for open source development tools and end up on Another World. All that, and more!

  • — Small Console Menu Utilities

       (Sunday, 21 September 2014 04:29)

    One of the great strengths of Linux is the whole raft of weird and wonderful open source utilities. That strength does not simply derive from the functionality they offer, but from the synergy generated by using them together, sometimes in conjunction with applications.This article looks at four tiny utilities that offer menu facilities. They get virtually zero coverage in the Linux press, so you may not have heard of them before, but they are well crafted and might just fit the bill.

  • — SSH login without password using SSH keys

       (Sunday, 21 September 2014 02:35)

    SSH or Secure SHELL is the most popular and trusted UNIX-based cryptographic network protocol. It can be used for secure data communication, remote server logins, remote command execution, and many other secure network services between two networked servers.

  • — SNOW, A Winter Sports Game Shows A Teaser On Linux, Powered By CryEngine

       (Sunday, 21 September 2014 00:40)

    SNOW is an upcoming free to play, open world winter sports game that is going to use CryEngine and the developers sent a little teaser out.